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The first "scary game" I've played in years, and the jump definitely got me. Nice game!

if you don't know what to do you can watch my video!

This was cool and I was on edge the entire game but some parts were just me pushing W for 10 minutes

Infinite bullets!

Internet pron is a dangerous thing. Not even once, kids.

This was a great game i like the ps1 graphics it has. 

Pretty Darn Gamer Man

It was short but really fun! I liked the little interactions as well, good work :)

Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!

This game is awesome I love how different it is to other games

please like and subscribe if you want to but if you do

it will help the channel out a lot trying to reach 600

just a reminder

Nice style!

just wondering, how you made that vhs effect?

It´s a post processing effect

could you maybe link it?

Cool game here's a speedrun


Thank you for playing! nice speedrun

Really nice game good job :)👍


Thank you for playing! :)


love it thank you :):):)

Thank you for playing! :) Great vid


everytime i shoot i scare the shit outta me lmfao


Honestly I dont know what i expected but it wasn't this lol. Great game!!

Thank you for playing! :)


i cant seem to play the game i get an error.

Your game is on the popular page of! Great success for you! Amazing


Wauw thats unreal! thank you so much

Hello! I'm also a game developer and just created a website to publish games, almost like I would like to add your game to it if you were interested? If you are interested please feel free to respond back or I can leave an email/discord for you. ( I won't leave it now, only if you are interested). Hope to hear back from you soon. 

Yes ofc! that sounds cool :) whats the name om the website?

Hello, sorry it didn't show your reply for some reason? If you wouldn't mind sending an email to ( with information about your game as well as a cover image and dll I'll be happy to upload it :) Thanks.

No problemo! left you an email :)

Put My Game On The Site New Lands 1.0

How do you even play it? ... 

this link

Yeah, I'm just not understanding how you play it exactly? 

load the game then Hover Over The Controls For Instuctions.

wait the whole point of the game was to save the dog...YEAAAAAAAH


Nice game. Remember The Thing.


thank you so much !!!

wait how do you save the dog i just die

You need to shoot the guy/monster with the flare gun some times :)


nice game

Pretty fun! I liked your take on the theme "You are not alone".

Thank you for playing ! Nice vid :)

Doggy :D


Thought I'd let you know my girlfriend gave this a try. :3 She managed to save the dog (whom she kinda forgot the name of).

Hehe thanks for playing! nice video

cool short

Hmm dont know why the gun is doing that on yours, but thank you for the video 

yes ..very strange ...dont know bug or glitch broswer

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When the monster first appeared i immediately went to the elevator and it seemed to break the game lol


Ah yeah you cant win when you are going that direction haha

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That was a fun little game,in 7 days its very hard to make a game like this.The vhs style graphics was my favourite and overall it was pretty good game made in 7 days.Good job!


Thank you ! Nice gameplay :)