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As the night darkens and you set out for home, an unsettling occurrence takes place on the road. Will this lead you to hell? Unveil the truth in a bone-chilling driving horror game that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

  • First person driving horror experience
  • PS1 style low poly graphics.
  • Evade hellish monsters
  • Honk button
  • 20 to 40 minute playthrough


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Drive Me to Hell.zip 422 MB
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this was honestly a pretty fun game! the end bit was a little challenging cus i couldnt see so i kept swerving off the road LMAOO (3rd game in my 3-part series) 

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It had a slow start at first in my opinion but once it started with the spooks it was pretty fun. Awesome job and good concept!

Your thumbnail is amazing btw

great game!!

10/10 Would Drive To Hell Again. Will Remember To Bring A Barf Bag For Passengers Next Time

Sound design is good, visual design is good, the car controls very well, the story is amazing (wonderful idea to make a horror game out of "don't drink and drive"). Loved the Hellraiser reference made by a dead guy who sounded EXACTLY like Doug Bradley. Wonderful game experience!


super cool idea for a horror game and the car controls very well, loved the concept and it scared me to death several times, now if only I was GOOD at driving

Anyone having issue where the mouse just keeps moving on its own?

great game !

great game! not gonna lie i got scared a couple times LOL

There arent many horror games to my knowledge that are based on drinking snd driving so thank you for bringing awareness of the dangers in the form of a horror game. I missed some cues to look back into my car to see unexpected items so I might make an updated video. 

I absolutely loved the cat! That made me so happy feeding the little guy lol. Great game!!

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This game feels like it takes heavy inspiration from Burgers And Frights, which is good! The concept of being in some kind of vehicle isn't used much and I think this game did a good job showcasing it. I will say the later parts of the game especially felt kind of tedious, and the trial and error style wasn't helped much by the overall visibility of the game sometimes. Had fun seeing the story play out! Good work.

Later section driving on the elevated path with chains and hands, being chased by the monster is deeply frustrating. It's dark, the light doesn't illuminate far ahead and the view is close to the ground so I cannot see where the edges are until I'm flying over them to my doom. Even just a glowing line showing where the center of that "road" is would be much appreciated.

Had a great time with game honestly a lot of fun. Loved the story, sad and dark, overall great game! 

This was really good! It was fun dodging the obstacles with the car. Made a video on it.

Driving in horror games is always something I have a love for, don't know why!

And here is a horror game all about driving! It was a trip!

The beginning was eerie, creepy as it appeared to be a normal drive

Then things start to ramp up to a abandoned Silent Hill look until sudden you have visitors... IN YOUR CAR and things crawling on it and then fire and darkness!

I enjoyed this one, hit me with some scares, driving was pretty smooth, had a horn, turbo mode? (just the ambience but like to pretend it did)

You can get lost sometimes, did in a few spots, but its not too hard to find your path again

Checkpoints are placed very well, no restarting 666 miles back

And the ending was pretty good, wrapping up what happened and what was going on

Great Job Max Rohrberg!

PS: Don't drink and drive, don't read papers and drive, don't sit on green toast while your friend Frank vomits all over your back... and drive...


Whatever you do, DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE!! Look at what happened to me!!  Youtube Link - 

Really good game. I think driving horror games are a really great idea and it's a shame that they have to be so rare. I liked constantly wondering if something was on or in your car. I liked seeing the environment slowly change and I enjoyed the challenges and obstacles. I thought it was a little difficult at times but it was still really enjoyable. 

Great game, loved the retro feel to it and very compact with a good pace for a short game. Need to see more from this developer. Can’t recommend  enough! Here is my YouTube gameplay and thoughts on the game :)

Gave it a Let's Play, feedback/suggestions and gameplay within 

Great Game!

I think my A1 driving skills really shows in this game, 10/10

even better with mario kart music

Well worth the money! Great job Max! I'm looking forward to whatever you create next!

Check out my playthrough!

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This was amazing! I'm so glad I got to experience this on my Twitch stream for Frightening Friday! --Thangalang21

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bro the ending of this game is top tier

lowkey kinda sad

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Sounds like a game about new versions of Microsoft Windows. ;)

Dude, Just Dude... This game is something special.

solid story, good stuff

Full Play NO Commentary


Kinda Chill NGL

It was so scary!

This game was pretty good, I do enjoy a horror game that doesn't take itself too seriously. Just a note, I ran into a bug (I believe) in Chapter 3 where I was stuck in between the maze parts and going back to the previous checkpoint didn't do anything. Luckily, I could get back to that chapter from the main menu!


Sorry about the bug! I fixed it :)

Awesome! Great response time lol

Scray Scuffed Games #254


Vorgeschlagen von: Arktaros

Ich habe mir immer eine Horrospiel in dieser Art gewünscht. Grafik und Atmosphäre sowie die Idee mit dem Highway to Hell sind top, allerdings finde ich einige Elemente noch ausbaufähig. Witzig hätte ich zum Beispiel gefunden, wenn man regelmäßig an der Flasche nippen muss, bzw. während dem Fahren bestimmte Nebentasks erfüllen muss, um auf die Problematik der Ablenkung während des fahrens hinzudeuten.  Ich das freiwillig gemacht und  habe beispielhaft gefühlt alle 5 Sekunden irgendwo angedockt. Das Spiel hätte sogar einen pädagogischen Mehrwehrt, dem es sich selbst wohl gar nicht so bewusst ist.#

Im großen und Ganzen wirklich gutes Konzept, an manchen stellen vieleicht die ein oder andere Chance verpasst, aber ich feiere die Originalität und daher ist es in meinen Augen auf jedenfall eine Empfehlung wert!


Dito: 4.6/5

Chat: 3.58/5

Gesamt: 4.09/5

a slapper!! Loved the twist on this, and how I felt lost the whole time, but I still was on the right tack. Well done!!

A very intriguing and white knuckle ride of an experience!  The early parts bring an ominous, dread-like feeling to the proceedings, followed by a non-stop, galvanised race to the finish!

Although you primarily feel safe in the car, there are aspects throughout 'Drive me to Hell' that make you question this - from the spectres that haunt the driver to the rampaging car-beast monster that pursues you towards the end - a very enjoyable and original indie game. 

I especially liked the subtext within with the family in the diner and the resulting endgame. 

Looking forward to seeing more of this! 


This game taught me a very valuable lesson... Don't drive to hell

I like thrill of escaping by car.

I want more.

You GOTTA make more horror games man, i loved this keep it up

Can you drop a free version?

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