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A short horror story and my first horror game - hope you enjoy!

PS1 inspired graphics

Your sister and a lot of other people are missing, solve the mystery and find your sister Kirsty!

WASD - Move

Shift - Run

Mouse - Look

F - Flashlight

E - Interact

ESC - Pause

Tree Assets - https://elegantcrow.itch.io/psx-retro-style-tree-pack

Car Asset - https://ggbot.itch.io/psx-style-cars

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(92 total ratings)
AuthorMax Rohrberg
Made withUnity, Blender
Tags3D, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, ps1, PSX (PlayStation), Short, Singleplayer, Survival Horror
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Eu simplesmente adorei esse jogo, sem mais. Gameplay:

Interesting. Poor guy in the jail. hahahaha

Nice concept.

Good jump scares

not bad

recorded a video on this!

Crazy and creepy game. I really enjoy it.

Did a video on my channel (Spanish). Hope you like it.

Buen juego, y buen susto

A fun play. I tried to find a key to the locked room. Unsuccessful. It was a charming little game.

Nice game


Great little game i enjoyed it!

Amazing indie horror game done in retro ps1 graphics.  The story, villain and atmosphere was just perfect 10/10.

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Had a good time with this one, got a few good jumps outta me!

good one, got me a few times.

It was creepy!

this game had me on edge in the tunnels, MAGGOT FACE IS TERRIFYING

Loving the PS1 style graphics. This short game goes hard!

loved this! its sooo good and soo scary!

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Hello friend, this game is awesome, I want to congratulate you for this good game, I want you to subscribe to my Youtube channel, thank you

YouTube channel please, greetings friend!!

Very scary it had me a few times, great game

- Reaping Sins Petite querelle amoureux tourne au désastre. - Maggot Face Je suis à la recherche de ma soeur qui est maintenant portée disparue depuis 2 semaines et mes recherches commence au dernier lieu de sa disparition. - The Devils Route Je suis un chauffeur d'autobus et j'ai la malchance de croisé le mal.

I saw this from a youtube video and had to try this game out I am not dissapointed! Amazing game Max and thank you to the youtuber for bringing this game to my attention! https://youtu.be/uaA9Jl_Rs78?si=KHvzIkLcYG6lQglp

Terrifying game, loved every second of it!


Played this in a random horror games video and enjoyed it! I need to check out The Pale Man. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out on what you do next

a Simple View About Maggot Face

The Gameplay is simple and straight forward it is not very remarkable. The story, welp, it reminds me the classic and low budget 90's movies, i don't know if it was on porpuse but you did a great job on representing that!. The Killer is kinda original (i wonder how is he alive, i mean, he is a living corpse). Something remarkable is about the corpse child... it is not graphic but it's impactfull!.

Now, on the negativa part, is about the goofy animations, i don't feel like the killer is scary with that goofy animation, the sound envirioment is nice but it coul be better (for example, on the outside you could put some owls noices or wind or in the sewers rat sounds and water drops falling).

In Conclusion

You did a great job max on your first game! you need to improve in the sounds, level design (it's a bit confusing and straight forward) and the animations. i'll give it a 7.9/10

2 Countrymen Becomes Serial Killers. yeah...tf?

good game

spooky ride thanks. 

it reference caught me tf off guard haha...

That was really good! I liked the references to IT from Stephen King. Creepy and simple, the end caught me off guard haha, predictable but not at the same time. Great game!


Whoah I really liked this one! Especially for your first game, this is extremely impressive. I love the models, textures, layout, and pacing. The soft fog, locations, etc are immersive. The sound is good. It's so yucky!!! I am soooo looking forward to more games you create. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PA48ipUkCo


Such a good game! Gross and creepy, kind of unsettling throughout and the atmosphere made it even creepier, would like to see more of this, maybe some added lore. 10/10 really good! 

Creepy creepy creepy! Great atmosphere, almost felt like a movie. Could be some more lore like notes, letters, etc. Otherwise it's a nice short horror game ;)


This is really good for your first horror game! If you haven't played it yet, you should definitely consider doing so!

This game truely was scary, and gross..., I recommend yall check it out!

Noticed this was your first horror game, and its pretty nice! I'm a sucker for pixel style games so the visuals looked great to me, and the locations in the game were well made.

Played this game as a part of my Half Hour Horror video today. I really enjoyed the eerie atmosphere and the world building. Kinda funny that I died more times drowning in water than to Maggot Face though.
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